When I’m out with friends, we often find a pile of boxes in a backyard or in the yard of someone else’s house, but rarely do I have the space for a trunk or bin.

    Wicker storage is an easy way to get all your old and unwanted stuff out of the way without having to keep it stacked in a big, messy pile.

    Here’s how to build a sturdy trunk for the backyard and put it to good use.


    Find the right size bin The size of your bin should be about 3 by 4 feet (1.6 by 1.8 meters).

    Make sure your bin is about 1/4 inch (1/2 inch) wide and a half inch (0.5 inch) deep.

    If your bin isn’t large enough, you’ll likely have to add a second layer of fabric to make it fit.

    I found that I could cut my own fabric to fit my 1/2-inch (1mm) diameter bin, and it fit great.

    Once you have the dimensions, you can figure out the dimensions of your larger bin by taking a measurement from the top edge of the top of the bin to the bottom of the bottom edge.

    The size will be the same for each bin.

    You can also see the dimensions on the inside of the bins from the back of the lid.


    Cut a hole in the side of the hole and secure it with staples Cut a piece of cardboard (about 1.25 inches (3.4 centimeters) long) about 1 inch (2 centimeters) thick, or a large sheet of tape.

    This is a good size to tie the ends of your plastic tube together and tie to your existing bin.

    If you don’t have any plastic tubes already, you may want to make some for your smaller bin.


    Measure the length of your trunks.

    You’ll need about 3.5 inches (9 centimeters) for your main trunk, and about 2.25 for the back side.

    You should have about 2-inches (5 centimeters) of space for your bins.


    Cut your hole in your plastic bin to fit your bin Cut a strip of 2.5-inch-wide (7.4-cm) polypropylene (or other similar fabric) and secure the end to your bin with staples.

    This will be your top-front opening, which will be about 1-inch deep (3-cm).

    I like to use two staples to secure the two pieces together, but any kind of fastener works.


    Secure the two ends of the plastic tube with screws Secure the plastic bag with a plastic-tape loop, or use the same zip-ties as you would with the bin lid.


    Place your bin in your bin and attach your lid To attach the bin, you need to make a little notch in the bottom where you will attach your bin lid, like so: 1.

    Make a cut to the end of the tape measure 2 inches (5 cm) long on one side.

    2: Slide the plastic-tube lid over the top, securing the two sides with staples at the top.

    3: Push the plastic lid down firmly, so that it holds the plastic bin lid firmly to the plastic sheet, and the plastic tab at the bottom.

    4: Push down the plastic tin and plastic tube into the opening and secure with a zip-tie.

    5: Push it all the way down and secure your lid with staples, leaving a 1-to-2-inches-long (3 to 6 cm) gap at the end.


    Attach your lid to your trunk and tie it with tape You can make this same design as well as the original by using the plastic bags you already have lying around to secure your bin’s lid.

    To attach your trunk to your plastic bag, you will need to use a small piece of tape (or a strip) and fasten the plastic tray to the bin with two staples.

    You will also need to tie a 1/8-inch length of zipper at the front and a 2-inch long piece of zipper on the back to the back.


    Secure your bin by putting zip-ties around the lid, and tying with the same staples as you did for your bin.


    Attaching the bin back to your wood frame Attaching your bin back into your frame is really simple.

    First, you must attach a 2X1-inch hole to your frame.

    You don’t need to drill the hole, but you can secure it by wrapping the hole with a piece, like a zip tie.

    You may also need a screwdriver or other object to make the hole bigger.

    When you attach your back to a frame, you only need to attach the lid back to secure it.

    It’s important to remember that the bin will sit in the bin for a few years after it’s


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