Playmates, the underwear retailer, is getting ready to launch its new swim trumps bikini line, and while the first wave of the line is set to go on sale this spring, Playmates says that a limited number of the bikini trunks will also be available in spring 2017.

    “We wanted to give the most unique swim trunk to the world, and this line has something to offer to every woman,” said Playmates CEO and president, Amy Glynn.

    The new line will include a swim trundle, swim trub, swim trunk, trunks and swim truncheon.

    The trunks have a built-in elastic waistband and are designed to look like an old-fashioned bikini.

    The swim trundles will be made from nylon and feature a mesh fabric waistband that sits above the trunks to give them an extra level of modesty.

    Playmates also said that the trunk will be available for $49.99 on the Playmates site, but it may not be available to order right away.

    “This is our first foray into the swim trudges market, and we are excited to partner with a brand like Playmates to bring our new trunks line to the masses,” Glynn said.

    “Our new line is a little bit different than our traditional trunks which were made for men to keep in the pool and our new line won’t only look great, it will also look like it was made for women.”

    The swim trunk trunks are designed with different colors and prints that you can choose from and will be offered in three sizes: “Women’s” (30-32 ounces), “Men’s” and “Baby” (28-32).

    You can check out the Playmans bikini trunk swim trudenks in the gallery below:


    Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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