On Monday, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a slew of initiatives to combat pollution and water pollution across the country.

    Here’s a list of all the major initiatives to tackle pollution.1.

    The first step is a national initiative to reduce traffic pollution by making the roads and other public spaces safer for people.

    This initiative is also part of the new Clean India initiative launched by Modi.

    This initiative is expected to help the country reduce traffic deaths and pollution levels in public spaces, especially in major cities.2.

    The government will also be creating a new ‘Road Safety Hub’, to coordinate traffic and traffic infrastructure.

    This will enable local authorities to share data about road safety incidents to reduce the number of accidents.3.

    The country’s largest electric vehicle charging stations will be opened in major towns.

    They will be set up by the National Electric Corporation of India, a public body.

    The chargers will be capable of providing energy to vehicles that are charging.4.

    The Ministry of Environment and Forests will be setting up a dedicated vehicle registration center in every town.

    This center will collect vehicle registration numbers and the vehicle’s registration number will be linked to the local police station and the police station will make a registration check.5.

    The state government has set up a task force to address pollution in rivers, wetlands, lakes, lakes and rivers.

    The task force will be headed by Environment Minister Devendra Fadnavis.6.

    The Centre will set up new green zones to help with air quality, and a number of other measures to combat air pollution.7.

    The Indian Space Research Organisation will launch a new mission to study and monitor climate change.8.

    The National Green Tribunal will be established to investigate pollution in the country’s rivers and lakes.9.

    The Department of Urban Development will also look into green projects in major urban areas, to boost their efficiency and make them more appealing for business.10.

    A new air quality monitoring system is set to be launched in all cities.

    The system will collect and analyse particulate matter from all vehicles and vehicles on the road, and send the data to the government.

    The data will be sent to the air quality control unit, which will analyze the data and make a determination.11.

    The central government has also set up the National Pollution Control Board to monitor air pollution and control the amount of pollution in cities.


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