The Ducks have a lot of exciting new pieces on the ice this season, but there’s one big piece missing: the Acrylic trunk.

    The Ducks are known for their colorful, custom made jerseys, and with the new trunk, they’re trying to make that experience more enjoyable.

    Ducks coach Bruce Boudreau told reporters today that the trunk has been designed to give the Ducks the “best possible look.”

    Here are some of the highlights of the new trunks: The Ducks will have the Acoustic Trunks in their kit, so the players can wear them when the Ducks are on the road, during warm-ups, or in the dressing room.

    Here are the first photos of the Acoustic Trunks.

    The Acoustics are made from an acrylic, which means they have a much more natural appearance than polycarbonate.

    There’s a lot more flexibility, and they are designed to fit snugly into the body and make sure the players are wearing the right style.

    It’s a bit like a plastic helmet, but with the added ability to be worn without any holes or gaps.

    Here’s what Boudarre said about the Acids trunk: “You can really see the difference from the top of the trunk to the bottom.

    When the players wear it, they look like they’re wearing a helmet, so it’s more fun and makes it feel like they are.”

    Here’s a shot of the top part of the plastic trunk.

    The new trunk is about 10% larger than the Acorns, but the trunk is only about 5% bigger.

    It also features more features than the two Acorns.

    For starters, there’s a bigger window on the sides of the acrylic trunk, allowing the team to see the entire ice surface.

    It has a more streamlined look with a more open and horizontal look, which Boudrie described as “more fun.”

    The Acrylic trunks are not yet available to the general public, but Boudreaus team has already posted some photos online.


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