It was a very good night for the Ford Edge trunk box.

    I bought a Ford Edge back in October, and I am loving it.

    I am getting all the upgrades from the brand new trunk box: a new air filter, a new roof, a hood, a better door panel, and a bigger seat.

    I also got a new trunk door, and an extra trunk drawer, which was great.

    The car is running like a champ.

    My wife loves it too.

    I just can’t believe how much better the interior is now that I am in the trunk, so I just love it.

    When it comes to interior upgrades, the Ford Dash is the king.

    It is simply amazing how well the interior has been updated with the new Ford Edge trunks.

    It looks great.

    There is a lot of interior work that I can’t get into here.

    The seats are comfortable and supportive.

    There are all sorts of little things that I will never be able to get used to, but once you get used too, the interior just goes from there.

    My wife’s Dash has gotten so much better.

    She is enjoying it so much that she has begun to change her driving style.

    She recently drove a new model that has a different roofline and a different trim, and she loved it.

    She even drove it to a dealership.

    The dashboard was redesigned to make the dash more inviting.

    She also likes how the dash has been reupholstered, and it is also nicer.

    I have been in a lot more cars recently, and the Dash is a solid choice.

    It has everything that I need, so it makes a great starter car.

    I’m also a big fan of the trunk drawer.

    The Ford Edge’s trunk is also much more spacious than most of the other trunks in the lineup.

    Another new addition is the Ford XTS trunks that are now available for sale.

    They are larger, and they have more interior room than most other trumps in the Ford lineup.

    The Dash’s trunk space is the most spacious of any of the trunks on the market, and you get a lot with it.

    It’s also got plenty of storage for all of your other cars.

    The XTSs are one of the best trunks out there.

    They also have a very solid interior.

    There is also a lot going on with the Ford Fusion and Fusion SE trunks too.

    The Fusion SE comes with a trunk that looks like the Ford Fiesta trunks from the past.

    The rear seats are also larger and have more storage.

    The Fusion SE also comes with the optional trunk door that can be used as a walk-in closet for all your cars.

    As you can see from the pictures above, the trunk box has been upgraded and the dash is better than ever.

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