Google News reader Kishore Jain has been keeping an eye on the latest news from India, as the Indian tech industry is looking to move into the new era of cloud computing and IoT.

    The latest trend in the country is that of tree-based software development, and Jain said it has taken a lot of inspiration from the world’s biggest tech companies such as Amazon and Microsoft.

    He added that these companies are going the right direction and they are working on their own tree-centric development projects.

    The trend is already being replicated in the UK, where companies such the likes of Blue Bottle have started to develop their own software stacks, and the US, where startups such as MobiCloud and Swarm have made use of tree models to build their software stacks.

    While it is not clear what the trends are in India, Jain noted that the companies that are currently pioneering the trend are making some pretty big moves.

    “I think it is a trend that will only be around for the next few years, but it is definitely something that the Indian startup ecosystem is looking forward to,” he said.

    Jain is also bullish on the potential of the internet of things, where everything from smart locks to fitness trackers to thermostats will be connected.

    “Internet of Things will revolutionise how we manage our lives.

    The fact that you have a smart door, you have to have a thermostat, you will have a doorbell, you are going to have something that can be connected and control from your phone,” he added.

    “That is the future.”

    The trend for tree-backed software development in India has not gone unnoticed by many other companies in the tech space.

    Earlier this year, the UK-based OpenStack Foundation announced it had started to work with a number of Indian startups on its own tree based development platform.

    It is a platform that offers both cloud-based and on-premise software development.

    It currently has about 20 companies working on its platform.

    OpenStack is also the platform behind many of the projects that were recently featured on this blog, including Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Amazon CloudFormation, and Microsoft Azure.

    Jain also said that OpenStack has had a positive impact on the local ecosystem in the past.

    “The biggest thing that Openstack has done is open up the platform to developers,” he noted.

    “It’s not just about cloud.

    Developers are now able to start up on the platform, they can start working on projects, and OpenStack developers are very much open to getting into cloud development.”

    Jain believes that OpenSource has a lot to offer for developers, including cloud and IoT-focused software stacks that are already being built.

    “OpenSource has enabled developers to build projects that are not necessarily in the cloud.

    That is a huge boon for developers,” said Jain.

    “This is a big deal for India.

    OpenSource is a key ingredient for the Indian ecosystem and it is also a key component for the US.

    Open Source is not only open, but we need open, open-source technology.”


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