In the past month, hundreds of new trunks have been stolen in the Bay of Bengal.

    It has led to a spike in thefts of old ones and some of the trunks are being replaced. 

    In addition, trunks and boxes have been reported stolen from the homes of the residents.

    Police have warned people to keep their doors and windows closed.

    “This is not a problem of the thieves, but it is a problem for us.

    If someone comes and opens a door, we will take action against them,” police officer B.R. Rajan told the ABC.

    The trunks can be bought online or from retailers for around Rs 30,000, but many of the thefts are attributed to online shopping.

    Some trunks may have been broken or damaged.

    In recent months, the theft of trunks has been on the rise in the region, and it is not the first time thieves have targeted old and trashed vehicles.

    In February, thieves smashed a truck into a petrol station in Gondi, an affluent suburb of Bengaluru, in an attempt to steal the vehicle.

    It is thought to be the first theft in the area in years.

    Last week, thieves broke into a house in the city of Bengalur in an attack on the elderly couple, who were leaving for a funeral in their home.

    A police officer in Gindi told the Indian Express that the couple had left their home in the early hours of the morning to go to a church service.

    On Sunday, a truck with a number plate stolen in Gokul, about 10 kilometres from Bengaluru’s city centre, was discovered on a highway in Kota Bharu district, about 250 kilometres away from Bengalur.


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