Tommy Bahama Luggage Review

The Tommy Bahama Mojito Luggage Brownstone is a collection of travel bags that come in a set of four pieces. It features the Tommy Bahama signature hardware and signature print lining that comes with all of the Tommy Bahama flagships. These four pieces of luggage provide enough room to travel around the world with your family. In addition, the distinctive brownstone color makes it quite easy to identify from a crowd of luggage. This article is all about the Tommy Bahama luggage review.

tommy bahama luggage review

Tommy Bahama Luggage Review’s Product Description

This product is a 100% polyester. This gives the Tommy Bahama extra durability. The interior has a textile lining with multiple pockets for organization. Additionally, it is expandable making it hassle-free to include extra purchases that one might have while on a trip. The smaller duffel bag that comes with the set does not have wheels. However, the other three suitcases come with four spinner wheels which enhance the ease of rolling them around the airports. These bags are generally lightweight, which is a plus considering the fact that big suitcases attract really expensive airline overcharges. According to one Tommy Bahama Luggage review, the lightweight feature of this product makes it suitable for a person who goes on multiple business trips.

You can adjust the handles of the suitcase to your preferred length depending on your height. Also, the handle tubing is firmly fixed on the casing of the suitcase. As such, you can attach extra luggage like a carry-on duffel bag on the handle while rolling it around the airport. The distinctive brownstone color and the unique design of the Tommy Bahama Luggage makes it easily recognizable from others. As for the zippers, they are strong enough to withstand vigorous pulls when closing the suitcase. The zipper closure securely encloses the zip line of this suitcase thus adding on to the continuity of the polyester fabric. One Tommy Bahama Luggage review applauds the durability of the material behind this product.


  • The durability of the Tommy Bahama Luggage is outstanding.
  • It is particularly suitable for those people that are always on trips from one airport to the other and from one hotel to another.
  • The four wheel spinner makes it easy to move around with the Tommy Bahama Luggage both at the airport and in the hotel premises.
  • The sturdy zippers and the firm handle coupled with the polyester material enhance the quality of this suitcase.


  • The only downside of this product as far as one Tommy Bahama Luggage review was concerned is the price had gone up recently.  Like anything else, wait too long, and you may miss your chance of opportunity.
  • Other Tommy Bahama Luggage reviews expressed concerns over the lack of wheels in the small duffel bag. However, this is a negligible issue because the rest have spinner wheels.

Editors Rating: 4.6

Tommy Bahama Luggage Review - Final Thoughts

Overall, the Tommy Bahama is a great set of luggage. It is relatively affordable, light, well-constructed, maneuverable and most importantly, easy to distinguish from other bags. What more could one possibly ask for in a bag?  Another great alternative might be the Olympia Titan Luggage.