Boxing trunks will be the future, with the industry looking to incorporate the trunks from the sport into its promotional strategy, the chairman of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) told The Hindu on Wednesday.

    “We will be introducing the trunk concept into the promotion of the sport, which will be a boon for the fans,” Nirmala Sitharaman said.

    The BCCI has set a target of getting 40 million trunks in circulation by 2020.

    In its inaugural report in March, the board had highlighted the importance of the trundles, saying they were vital to a boxers’ professional development.

    In a recent survey, BCTI found that over half the boxers who took part in a ring training session in 2016 were using a trunk.

    While the board has set the target of 40 million in the first year, the industry has said that it has the capacity to reach 50 million.

    In 2017, the BCTC had asked boxers to buy the trumps and their trunks.

    According to a BCTCI release, the boards plan to launch the new trunks to promote the sport and the trundle will also be available for use by teams.

    In the past, the trunks have been used to promote tournaments such as the Indian Super League, which has an annual turnover of Rs 20 crore.

    Boxers have also used trunks as part of their training and to celebrate victories and the team’s achievements.BCTI has recommended that boxers should buy a trundle in the same way as other sports, such as basketball, football and rugby league.

    “If they want to wear a trunks and use them as part a team, they can do so, but the truthers are also free to do it on their own.

    There are no restrictions,” it said.


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