By default, Next Big Futures trunk based projects are developed on the basis of a single source code repository.

    This approach can be quite powerful when the project is large, but when building on a small team, trunk based code is prone to bugs.

    The trunk based approach has two important benefits: First, it makes it easy to track the progress of a trunk based project.

    Second, it reduces the number of developers needed to build the trunk based branch.

    The key to the trunkbased approach is the fact that a trunk is built by two different developers, with each of them writing a branch that they will use for the trunk.

    This means that when a trunk codebase changes, all the developers working on it will have access to the changes.

    If there is a major bug in a trunk, it is much easier to find out about it, and resolve the problem.

    In order to work with trunkbased projects, developers should follow the instructions in the next section, “Building trunk based branches”.

    The next section will give you a step-by-step approach to the building of trunk based source code.

    The next steps in the process are: First step: Make sure the trunk has been built, and if you have the dependencies.

    If you don’t have a working trunk, you will need to build a trunk.

    Second step: Build the trunk, by running the following commands in a terminal: cd trunk mkdir build cd build cmake ..

    make To build a new trunk, run the following command: make build Once you have a trunk in place, it can be built with the following steps: cd build cd trunk cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug -DCOMMAND_TO_TREE=TREE -DCONFIG_TRAVERSE_PATH=TRAILS -DTRAVIS_VERSION=1.0 -DCOS=CMake –no-default-toolchain=CXX=C Make sure that the trunk is configured to build from source.

    To do this, run: cmake –no_configure cmake As mentioned earlier, if you don, you can skip the next step and continue with the next steps.

    The build is done, and you can check the result of the build by running: make The output of the make command shows a new directory called build that contains a trunk with a source code tree and a new branch named trunk1.

    The tree that is used by the trunk can be seen by typing the following in a console: tree trunk1 Make sure you are working with a trunk that is on trunk1, which means that you are using the trunk that was built earlier.

    If the trunk was on trunk2, then you should be working with trunk3, which has trunk4 and trunk5.

    Finally, you should look at the output of cmake again to see if there are any problems with the build.

    If so, fix them.

    The result of a make is a directory called trunk1 containing a trunk tree with a new source code directory tree trunk.

    If everything looks good, you are ready to go!

    To build the branch, run a command in a shell: cd branch cmake build This should produce the following output: tree branch1 tree trunk2 tree trunk3 tree trunk4 tree trunk5 Finally, we can move on to the next point: Creating a new build process Now that we have a branch and trunk, let’s create a new process that will build a single trunk.

    The first step is to create a simple build pipeline.

    To create a pipeline, run one of the following: cd /usr make build This will create a build pipeline in a new file called build.cmake in the root of the trunk repository.

    We can see a listing of the changes that have been made to build.

    cmake is used to compile a trunk from source code, and it will build that trunk into a single branch.

    To check the progress, run make -f build.

    Make sure this command is executed every time that you make changes to the source code of the project.

    Once the changes are complete, you need to run make run to execute the build process.

    The output should look something like this: tree build The next step is the most important step: creating a new project.

    The root of our new project should be in the directory tree.

    As we have just created a branch called trunk, we will create the root project in the same directory as the trunk project.

    For that purpose, run this command: cd tree cd tree cmake project name my-project cd ../project The project name is the name of the branch that is the project that we are building.

    To test that the build has succeeded, run cmake check again.

    The generated output should show that the branch is successfully built.

    You can view the project tree by typing: tree tree This will show you a tree that contains branches, which are projects that we can build.

    The following steps show you how to create


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