— Swimming trays in his closet are filled with the latest fashion trends, but it’s his underwear that’s really on display.

    Swimwear designer Scott McTavish has had his eye on the bikini since the 1980s, when he first wore them on the pool deck at his high school.

    It wasn’t until the summer of 2011 that McTaverd started to notice how the women’s bikini was so comfortable, even for the most demanding athletes.

    The swimwear designer told ABC News that he decided to re-create the style in the 1990s as a result of watching other athletes in action and the desire to wear them without being embarrassed.

    He said that as a child, his father wore a bathing suit and then a swimsuit in the family swimming pool.

    “It was just a little bit of a taboo at that time,” McTakerd said.

    His fascination with the bikini started when his daughter, Ashley, was born in 1998.

    Ashley was born with spina bifida, a type of muscular birth defect that makes it difficult to contract or stretch the spine.

    McTavishes wife, Lori, said that he began wearing a swim suit to the pool and he was fascinated by the design of the fabric, especially when it was stretched.

    She said that after he went to swim classes with her son, McTavanishes wife started wearing the same style of swimsuit, and they even started a group called Swimsuit Mondays.

    For McTavy, the trend is part of a broader trend of the “nude beach” lifestyle, where nude beach attire is a way to showcase a body that’s less covered than in public.

    Some women even make it a point to wear swimsuits topless in public to show their bare stomachs, a trend that started with the trend for nautical style swimwear, McDonaugh said.

    McTavanish has been a certified bikini expert since 2003, and he said he was “so happy” to finally have his first official swimsuit model.

    When the new model was announced, McGavish was excited, but he said that not everyone is comfortable with the look of the new bikini model.

    “I don’t think the majority of people are comfortable with that type of style,” McGavanish said.

    “So, I think we’ll have to see how that goes.”

    McGavishes first model, Sarah McDonough, was inspired by the trend when she first saw an article about the bikini in a magazine, he said.

    “When I first saw her I was like, ‘I want to do that, too!'”

    McDonagh said.

    It was then that McDonighs wife, Lisa, was able to help with the planning and construction of the model.

    McDonagh has seen firsthand the negative impact of wearing a bikini and how it can affect women’s self esteem.

    “You’re just a complete piece of skin, and people are just so sensitive and can’t help but be disgusted,” he said of the negative response to the bikini.

    “That’s really unfortunate because I think that it actually helps us all get through life and we can all get on with our lives and our lives are good.”

    He added that many women who have taken to the nude beach in the past, like his wife, have found comfort and pride in their bodies and are now able to enjoy their own personal style.

    “We’re not just here to look good, we’re here to enjoy our life, and we want to have fun with our bodies,” he added.

    Although McTavaises new model is in her early twenties, she’s already had a blast from the beach.

    “It’s really cool to see it from the perspective of a woman who’s not wearing a bathing costume, and I’ve been doing that for years,” McDonaghan said.


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