Nautica Suitcase Review

Over the years, customers from different parts of the world have grown genuinely attached to products from Nautica. Luggage bags are the most common products from Nautica that most people can relate with. This Nautica Suitcase review intends to sample the features of the Nautica Luggage Ahoy 3 piece hard-side spinner.

Nautica Suitcase Review: Product Details

Its dimensions are 11 x 19 x 28 inches, and it weighs approximately 30 pounds when empty. It features a 100% Abs durable material with plenty of pockets in the interior for easy organization. The valet straps on the inside of the Nautica suitcase help to secure items. In addition, gliding around the airport or hotel premises is facilitated by the recessed trolley handles. The push-button locking mechanism on the handle enhances the ease of adjusting its length for people with varying heights.

Nautica Suitcase Review


  • The Nautica Luggage Ahoy comes in a set of three pieces; Large, Medium and Small.  Perfect for a family getaway in style.
  • Furthermore, each of the pieces has spinner wheels fitted. As such, you can roll more than one suitcase around the airport or hotel premises with a lot of ease.
  • The unique design of the Nautica luggage set makes it easily recognizable. Therefore, you do not have to worry about spotting yours at the luggage claims section.
  • The weight of the Nautica is light enough allowing you to maximize the luggage weight limits.
  • One Nautica suitcase review describes the design and appearance as sturdy and distinct.
  • Also, the spinning wheels make it easy to push and pull the suitcase in any direction.
  • It is easy to store the Nautica luggage set because he three pieces can fit into each other thus saving on space.
  • According to one Nautica suitcase review, the design has an anti-theft feature that stops you from retrieving contents while standing.
  • The Nautica suitcase has a fair price tag especially since it comes in threes.


  • Several Nautica suitcase reviews have concerns about its quality. Although the design looks stylish and sturdy, the quality doesn’t hold up.
  • One Nautica review noted that the casing cracked on the first use. The durability of the material doesn’t seem to withstand the tossing and flopping pressure.
  • The quality of the handle is also below the expectations of most Nautica suitcase reviewers. Complaints concerning the handle tubing suggest the Nautica Ahoy Luggage has room for improvement regarding its quality.

Nautica Suitcase Review: Final Thoughts

The product design is sturdy and stylish. On top of that, the price fits the bill for a three-piece set of luggage. However, the quality of this product is questionable for the time being. For a regular traveler, the Nautica Luggage Ahoy is may disappoint. However, if you are that once-in-a-while kind of traveler, I’d recommend this product at the right price point.