Posted November 13, 2018 07:02:47 In a world of high-tech and high-fashion, how do you tie your belt to your tie?

    We’ve all been there, and now there’s a new twist to tying your belt.

    Trunk flexion is an art of tying your tie.

    A trunk flexor, or trunk flexor is a small plastic object, about the size of a credit card, that you can attach to your belt and secure it to your waist.

    Trunk flexors are used to tie the waist of jeans, jackets, and other loose or loose-fitting clothes.

    They can be attached to a belt, waistband, or belt loop, and can even be used as an extension of a belt.

    When you’re tying a belt around your waist, the trunk flexors make sure your belt fits snugly and is still attached securely.

    You can use a trunk flexer to tie a tie to a tie you’re wearing.

    This way, you’re not putting a strain on your tie, but you can still tighten the tie to ensure that your tie stays attached to the belt.

    It’s also useful when you’re doing a tie-down, in which your belt loops around your belt instead of your waistband.

    To tie a waistband or belt around a tie, you can use your tie-breaker, a flexible metal object attached to your strap.

    A trunk flex-and-tie method works for belts and waistbands, too.

    To tie a belt to a waistline, attach a trunk-flexor to the waist.

    Tie the waistband securely and attach the trunk to the tie-line.

    Trunks can also be used to secure a belt loop.

    Tie a tie around the tie and then attach the belt to the loop.

    This method can be a bit cumbersome when tying a tie because you have to secure the tie around your entire waistline.

    Tie-breaking the waistline to a trunk-flexed tie can be more convenient because you can tie the tie as tight as you need it to be.

    If you have a tight waist, a trunk tie can make the tie more flexible.

    If your tie is too long, you’ll need to trim it down.

    The waistband is the next most flexible part of a tie.

    To keep your tie from falling out, trim the waist band back and forth between the two loops of your tie until you’ve got the right length.

    It’s also easier to tie this way with a belt than with a tie loop.

    If you’re using a belt or waistband that doesn’t have a trunk, you could also use a waist band to tie it.


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