Trumps ‘flirty’ swimmers have been praised for their flamboyant swimsuits as the election draws near.

    But what about the lads who do the ‘riding the wave’ thing? 

    In a recent interview with La Stampa, Italy’s most prestigious sports newspaper, Mario Zagato, a former top swimmer at Milan, described the men’s style as ‘flair’ but added: “I don’t know about the swimwear.

    I just like the look.” 

    La Stampa has reported Zagatto’s comments before, with one in 2012 suggesting he was joking.

    But the columnist also said that he would not wear swimsuits, despite the fact he was wearing them.

    “I’m not saying that I’m going to be able to wear them, but I’m not going to wear the swimsuits.

    I’m just going to ride the wave,” he said.”

    They have to look good, but that’s not my problem.” 

    But what about other candidates for the top job?

    In the recent Italian election, the centre-left Democratic Party (PD) and the centre right, the Fascist Party (FPI), have both won seats, with the latter coming second in a poll conducted by the La Stampi newspaper. 

    It is not the first time that the FPI has taken a strong position in politics.

    In the 2015 election, its candidate Silvio Berlusconi was in second place.

    The FPI, the party that controls the country’s parliament, has been a frequent target of Mr Trump, who called its candidates ‘the worst people in Italy’. 

    In an interview with the Italian media in November, Mr Berlusco told a group of reporters he did not like the FPL’s candidates because they are “bad people” and he wanted them to be expelled from the party. 

    “We are very strong in the right, in the centre, in our party,” he added. 

    But in an interview on Saturday, FPI leader Simone Pepe said that the party had been forced to change its tactics after Mr Trump’s election victory.

    “There is no need to insult people.

    We have already made the changes, we are not going back to the same policies,” she said. 

    According to Mr Pepe, the changes had come after the FPA had already begun its fight against the FPC and the PD.


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