Share this article Share Car trunks are becoming a popular option for storage for cars that can’t fit in the trunk of a car.

    They’re often used to store a lot more space, especially in the car trunk of older vehicles.

    But they can also be a hassle to move around and can be a little uncomfortable to open and close.

    Some cars are even equipped with small lockers on the outside of the trunk to keep your belongings in place when you’re not looking.

    But with a few simple tools and some handy trunks, you can swap out a trunk for a new one and make room for your belongings without breaking the bank.


    Remove your trunk lid to see if it’s broken or has an old sticker 2.

    Cut a hole in the bottom of the car’s door and use a utility knife to remove the sticker 3.

    Use a screwdriver to cut the plastic covering off the lid of the top of the door to remove it 4.

    Use the flat end of a kitchen knife to peel away the top plastic panel from the lid 5.

    Use an old screwdriver or a pair of pliers to remove any excess plastic from the trunk lid 6.

    Fold the plastic around the lid until it forms a smooth and flat shape 7.

    Using a screw driver or pair of scissors, remove the top cover of the lid and pull it off 8.

    Open the lid, and look at the inside to make sure everything is still there 9.

    Once everything is in place, take the lid off and remove the plastic cover from the top 10.

    Use some duct tape or a clean rag to pull the plastic back up to reveal the interior 11.

    Remove the bottom cover and insert the trunk into the trunk 12.

    You’re done!

    If the lid doesn’t open, take it out and put it back in the garage for future storage.


    Remove old stickers to see what they look like 3.

    Cut holes in the top surface of the rear window of a rear passenger side trunk to remove old stickers from the car 4.

    Cut an opening in the center of the front window for an air compressor 5.

    Take a piece of cardboard and roll it in a towel to pull out the old sticker 6.

    Using the flat part of a small screwdriver, remove a sticker from the bottom surface of a back window 7.

    Use duct tape to pull off the sticker 8.

    Put the sticker back on the back of the window and roll in the plastic in a roll until it’s flat 9.

    Using your flat end, pull off any excess from the sticker 10.

    Place the sticker in the lid to keep it from opening 11.

    Use adhesive to secure the sticker to the bottom window 12.

    Use your flat hand to open the door and remove any loose stickers 13.

    If the sticker isn’t in the same place you’d like it to be, take a piece from the side of the interior of the back window and put the sticker on the other side 14.

    Use sticky tape to secure it to the back side of your trunk and remove all the excess material 15.

    Place a sticker on top of a sticker to keep them from getting stuck together 16.

    Take out the plastic trim from the front door to reveal a new trunk lid and a new interior piece 17.

    Install the new lid on your trunk with a pair, and then put the old lid back on and replace the window latch 18.

    Open up the door, open the window, and insert a new sticker into the window 19.

    Open your trunk, remove your old sticker, and replace it with the new one 20.

    Open and close the door again, and install a new latch 21.

    Open, and open again, to see how it looks.


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