The new book, The Funky Trunks: Why You Should Love Your Trees, tells the story of a tree-saving expedition by the late author William James.

    In the 1970s, James embarked on a long trek across the Great American Bight to try and save a tree.

    In his book, he described a trip to a remote corner of the British Isles and an encounter with a tree that he was “not prepared to touch”. 

    The expedition to save the tree went well, James wrote, and the tree was “an enormous tree, about seven feet high, with a trunk of five feet high”.

    But when James returned to the UK, he discovered that the trunk was gone.

    It was gone from the tree’s home in Wales, the forest he had been saving.

    In the book, James recounts the moment that the tree-saver’s wife, a conservationist named Alice, spotted the trunk lying at the foot of a dead tree.

    “I saw the stump and realised it was gone,” she wrote.

    “As I stood on the doorstep, I was overwhelmed with joy and thought that it had been a wonderful thing to save that tree.

    I rang the tree and it answered, ‘Oh, dear!

    I’ve gone!'”

    The tree was dead.

    James wrote that it was the first time that he had ever lost a tree on a bushwalking trip.

    The next year, James returned with a new trunk.

    It looked a little different.

    It had been replaced by a huge tree.

    It also had the dead tree’s stump.

    And the tree had been saved.

    James and Alice had now lost a great tree on their bushwalking journey.

    They had lost a magnificent tree.

    The story of the tree is told in The Funkiest Trunks, which was published in December 2018. 

    In it, James describes how, after travelling around the world for two decades, he had come to terms with his loss of the trunk.

    He had lost “the great tree”, the trunk that had saved him and Alice from the worst of life’s storms.

    James says that the “tree has never been a source of pride to me or my family.

    I think that it is a source that has been a disappointment to me and to others”. 

    In the UK and the US, the trunk is a valuable property, as the vast majority of trees have been planted and the trees themselves are valued by their owner. 

    “The trees are the lifeblood of a lot of communities,” says Mary, a tree specialist at a tree nursery.

    “They are used for everything from drinking water to building foundations to selling newspapers.” 

    Mary also has a lot to say about the importance of the stump of the great tree, which, she says, is a part of her family’s culture.

    “It is a great piece of history, the great trunk of a great species. 

    The stump has to be very carefully cut and it is important to use a big hand, a big axe and a long knife to do it,” she says. 

    Mary is also the owner of a large family of trunks. 

    She has been involved in conserving trunks since she was young, and says that her parents, her grandparents, and her great grandfather all owned trees.

    Mary and her parents lost their great tree when it was taken from them in the 1950s.

    They say that the stump was removed from their family tree in a way that caused them significant financial pain.

    “It was a great loss, because they had a tree they could sell to a new owner, but they could never sell their tree back,” she explains.

    “Because of this loss, they had to spend a lot more time and money on other things.

    So, it’s really important to get your trees right, as well as having good relationships with people who have your trees.” 

    The story of James and Alice’s trunks is one that is shared by many, including conservationists. 

    For the first part of his book The Funkiest Trunks is an account of the adventures of James, Alice and the other forest-saving crewmembers. 

    But the book is not all about the adventures.

    The book tells a more personal story about James’s experiences, as he recounts his struggles with grief and his family’s relationship with the dead trunk. 

    James also writes about his friendship with the tree, including its role in his life.

    “I would always take a trunk from the stump,” James writes.

    I am an owner of the trees.””

    And I have the tree as a part-owner.

    I am an owner of the trees.”

    He also talks about the tree he has saved.

    “In my first years in the bush, I found the stump,


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