I can’t think of a better way to get in shape and keep yourself looking your best than to put together some of your closest friends’ trunks.

    Trunks make a great way to give your best friend something that can help with their diet, or maybe even help them get back into shape.

    Here’s how to get started.


    Start with a trunk organizer A trunk organizer is the perfect way to organize your trunk.

    It’s made of a sturdy, sturdy material that holds your items in place and makes it easy to carry them around and back.

    A sturdy trunk organizer keeps your trunk organized and safe when you’re on the go.

    It also provides a great source of energy.

    You can get a trunk with a mesh back or a leather back.

    You might also want to consider an organizer made of vinyl.

    If you’re looking for a trunk that doesn’t cost a fortune, try an Ikea one.

    It can be a bit pricey but it’s a great option if you need help getting your trunk setup.


    Pick out the right size and color of trunk The size of your trunk should be determined by the type of items you want to keep on it.

    The larger the items, the more room you’ll have to store them, which makes it easier to pack and organize them.

    Try choosing something that’s light and has a few layers.

    Make sure the size you pick matches the weight of the items you’re storing inside.


    Make your own trunk organizer A trunk organizer can also be made from recycled materials.

    You don’t have to buy it outright from Ikea.

    You could make it from old clothespins and cardboard, or cut it out of fabric.

    Make a plan for when you’ll need it and take the time to find out what works best for you.

    You should be able to find an old-style trunk organizer at the hardware store or online.

    If it doesn’t have an online store, try contacting your local Ikea store.


    Cut the back of the trunk open A trunks trunk is made of some of the largest items you’ll be packing, so it can be difficult to open.

    If your trunks are long enough, you can get rid of the back panel to make room for your clothes.

    To open your trunk, open it with your right hand, using your left hand to pull the two sides together.

    Pull the back up to expose the front panel and the inside.

    Once you’re done, take the back apart.

    You may need to do this to free up a few inches to trim off excess fabric, but once you’ve finished, your trunk will look much nicer.


    Make the inside of your trunk smaller This is an easy and fast way to make your trunk bigger.

    Just cut the back section of the front section off of the inside trunk to make space for your stuff.

    Use your right thumb to pull a piece of fabric down toward the inside, then gently pull it back to expose your clothes and a layer of fabric that’s about 2 inches by 2 inches.


    Make an opening in the trunk for a zipper When you’re ready to get your trunk opened, take your right-hand hand and pull the zipper out of the end of the top section of your front section.

    Make two small incisions along the edge of the zipper.


    Make one in the back area Make a second incision along the inside wall of the chest.

    You want to make the opening bigger so that you can use your left-hand to pull it out and then use your right to pull your zipper out.


    Cut out the zipper with scissors You may want to start with an opening with a thin cutaway piece of material.

    Then, cut a small opening in it to make it easier for you to use your hand to open it.

    Once the zipper is out, cut it into two small strips to make two smaller incisions.

    Make four incisions in each strip and push the zipper through them.


    Use a zipper cutter to cut the zipper open A zipper cutter will help you make the most of the space you have in your trunk and keep it open for as long as you need it.

    You’ll want to get one with a cutting edge that’s flat against the inside and one that has a slightly rounded tip.

    Your scissors will help get through this piece of plastic.

    Cut a slit in the tip to create a small hole for the zipper to enter.


    Secure the zipper and zipper cutouts with zip ties When you open your zipper and get to the zipper cutout, secure them with zip tie strips to keep your zipper from slipping.

    You’re not going to be able, however, to open the zipper without removing the zip ties.

    You need to get the zipper cuts out to close up the opening.

    If you need more space in your front trunk, you might also need to cut a smaller hole in your chest to


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