Posted February 05, 2018 12:18:20 A lot of people have a problem with the “black trunk” in their outdoor storage.

    It’s not just because the white surface is too dark, it’s because the design of a trunk isn’t very aesthetically pleasing.

    A good way to make an outdoor storage space look more appealing is to get rid of the white exterior.

    If you want a more minimalist look to your outdoor shelf, then a good trunk is the way to go.

    In this article, we’re going to look at what you can do to make a trunk that’s visually appealing without sacrificing its functionality.


    Get rid of white surface There’s no need to completely hide your storage.

    You can add some white surface on the exterior of your trunk to give it a little bit of a look.

    You could do this with either white or black vinyl.

    Just be careful that the white vinyl isn’t too bright or too dark to be distracting to the eye.

    If it’s too dark and you don’t want to add any light, then you could use a clear plastic sheet to make the interior of your white vinyl.

    You don’t have to use white vinyl, but it’s nice to add some to your trunk if you do. 2.

    Remove any white or yellow accents If you’re using vinyl vinyl, then just remove any white, yellow, or black accent from the exterior.

    It won’t hurt anything to just remove the white or some of the yellow and/or black, but you don-t want to ruin any of the interior details.


    Add a little white trim to the trunk The first thing to do when it comes to the interior design of your outdoor trunk is to remove any unnecessary white trim.

    You should be able to find white vinyl trim on most of the outdoor stores, and it can be quite a bit cheaper than you might think.

    Make sure to purchase the right white vinyl so that it’s durable.

    You won’t be able make it look as nice as white vinyl that comes from a company that’s been around for decades, so make sure to keep your vinyl trim in check.


    Paint the interior to match the outside You can easily get away with just painting the interior with white vinyl if you’re happy with the appearance of your home, but if you want to make it more contemporary, then this is a good time to paint it.

    It doesn’t matter if the paint will look as good as it looks on the outside.

    Just make sure you do the right thing with your paint, and don’t overdo it. 5.

    Add the shelf to the exterior If you don.t have any shelf to add to your interior, then the only way you’ll be able change the look of your storage area is to add a shelf.

    You’re going in to the attic, so you don?t want it to look like it’s hanging out of a drawer.

    You might want to consider a shelf, so that you don,t have to take the trunk apart and put it back together again.

    But you can also use a wall shelf or a cabinet shelf, depending on what type of space you’re going into.


    Replace the white interior trim The interior trim of your indoor storage trunk should match the exterior trim of the storage area.

    You’ll have to replace the white trim on the trunk that covers the wall if you have the option.

    But it’s not a bad idea to replace it as well if the trunk has some extra interior trim that you want.


    Paint a little red around the exterior I like to paint a little orange on the front of my outdoor storage trunks to give them a little color.

    You do have to do this if you are going to be painting your trunk with a clear or vinyl color, but I usually just leave it alone.


    Replace some of your exterior walls This is a great time to make some additions to your storage areas.

    If your outdoor space is more of a living space than a dining area, then your walls should be white vinyl or clear vinyl.

    For a living area, the walls of your garage are a great place to add this to your indoor area.

    The walls of a dining room can be made white vinyl as well.

    You want to paint some red around those walls to give your outdoor area a little more of an outdoor vibe.


    Paint your floor and cabinets to match The walls inside of your attic should match your walls outside.

    You need to make sure that your doors match the doors in your outdoor room.

    You will have to paint your interior walls white vinyl in the future, but the white walls are good for the first few months.


    Add some shelves to the front and back of your space A good rule of thumb for the way you decorate your outdoor areas is that the walls should match up with the floor and shelves.

    If they don’t, then it


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