How to make a trunk jacket in the kitchen with these easy steps.


    Wash the clothes you want to use in the trunk.

    It’s important to wash your clothes to avoid getting moldy and the possibility of getting mold in your home.

    To do this, wash them in warm water and a cold, damp towel for about 30 minutes.

    After washing, you can rinse the clothes in warm, soapy water to remove any dirt and water-based odors that may have built up.

    You can also use a bleach solution to clean your clothes.


    Cut out your clothes from the inside out.

    Once you have cut out your clothing, you’ll need to cut out the fabric and place it in the center of the trunk using a sharp knife or a metal ruler.


    Make a belt out of fabric.

    The belt will keep your clothes and any other items from getting inside the trunk, while still protecting your items from moisture.


    Place the trunk on the cutting board.

    This is where you’ll place your clothes in a belt and make your clothes belt.


    Wrap the clothes with a fabric ribbon or some other cloth that won’t tear or fray.

    You’ll want to make sure the fabric is wide enough so the clothes won’t stretch out.


    Cut the clothes to the size you want.

    The trunk will stretch out slightly when you take your clothes out of the trunks, so make sure you use the right size.


    Fold the clothes around the trunk to make the belt.

    When you’re done, you will have a belt with all the clothes and your belt.

    The process is similar to the clothes hanging from the back of a washing machine.


    Make sure your clothes aren’t getting wet or smelly.

    If you need to, you could make a few cuts in the clothes so they can dry a bit faster, but that’s usually a waste of time and materials.


    Lay the clothes down flat on the ground so that they won’t stick together or rub against each other.


    Wrap a small towel around your clothes so you can wipe them dry.

    This will keep them from getting mold, dirt, or bacteria.


    Place your clothes back in the trunk and cut them out to the right length.


    Make another belt.

    This time, you need two belts.

    First, you cut out two belts and put them on the trunk of the car so you don’t have to lift the trunk off the ground.

    Then, you wrap the two belts around the outside of the back seat of the vehicle.


    Wrap your clothes again around the car to keep them dry and secure.


    Use the last of your fabric ribbon to fold the two ends of the cloth around the belt loops.

    This way, you won’t need to fold up the fabric once it’s been folded.


    Place one belt over the other belt loops so that you have two belts in the car.

    The next step is to remove the backseat and put the trunk in the garage.


    You should have a trunk that can hold your clothing.

    Now, you should have your trunk ready for use.

    The clothes in the back are more durable than those in the front, so you’ll want them to be ready for you when you arrive home.


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