title The best trunk for your new giant elephant article article In the wild, elephants don’t chew or dig their own food, so they eat grasses, shrubs, and even roots.

    To keep their bodies strong, they often use bark or leaves from trees.

    But in the past decade, the species has started chewing on other animals, which has led to a massive population boom in the wild.

    The elephant’s trunk has become the centerpiece of their diet, as a result.

    The trunk has an incredible array of properties, from strength and durability to odor, texture, and appearance.

    It’s a bit like a living tree, with a trunk that’s a lot like a tree trunk—they’re all the same height and width.

    So they’re super strong and have a lot of trunk tissue.

    There are many kinds of trunks.

    There’s a tree that grows in a forest and then a tree branch that grows along the shoreline of a bay.

    There is a tree-tree trunks that grow in the jungle.

    They’re the kind that get stuck in the ground, and then they grow back, but they’re very flexible and have amazing properties.

    But the trunk has also been used to create some really strong things, including the giant elephant trunk that evolved from a large tree trunk.

    So when you’re looking for a trunk for a giant elephant, you have to think big about what kind of animal you’re going to be making the trunk for, because there are so many possibilities.

    You can make it for a big elephant or a small elephant.

    You could make it a big trunk for an old tree that’s gone, or a big tree trunk for something like a large car or a tall tree.

    You want to make the trunk a bit thicker and heavier, so it’s more like a heavy-duty, hardwood trunk.

    You can make a trunk the way that the big trunk was made for a human or a rhinoceros, or the way it’s made for an animal like an elephant.

    For a rhino, the trunk is made with the trunk, so you have a large trunk with the branches of the trunk.

    The trunk is also made of many branches, so there are many branches on the trunk and it’s very flexible.

    You don’t need to use the trunk in a lot or it can be a lot thinner than the trunk of a human.

    It can also be much thicker than the bark on a rhinos trunk.

    In the end, the result is a trunk which is super strong.

    So if you want to build a big-toothed elephant, this trunk will definitely work for you.

    It is very strong.

    I have made some of the biggest elephants of all time with this trunk, which is one of the most important pieces of equipment in the world.

    The tree trunk is a very powerful piece of equipment.

    I can do anything with it.

    If I want to climb up a tree, I can build a huge tree trunk and make it look like a big human, and it will hold me up.

    I’ve made a lot more powerful elephants with this.

    In fact, you can even make a giant trunk for elephants with the help of the elephant’s big trunk, but that is very dangerous, because it’s not only big, it’s big, and very dangerous.

    It will also be really hard to climb onto the trunk when it’s really big, because the trunk gets stuck in trees.

    The biggest elephant in the park is the one that you see in the movies, the giant.

    If you want a giant tree trunk, this is not the right one.

    You should choose a trunk made from a much smaller tree trunk that is about the size of a single foot.

    You need to choose a very strong trunk, because you need a lot less trunk tissue to build this big trunk.

    It has a lot to offer.

    The other big thing you need to be aware of is the size.

    The smaller the trunk the better.

    I make all of my elephants with a size of about 10 to 12 centimeters (about 4 to 5 inches), but if you are making a big one, you need bigger trunk.

    That’s why I make them bigger.

    The size of the tree trunk matters.

    When I’m making a tree or a large structure, I like to make them big.

    I like them so big that I have to use a lot different kinds of materials to make it.

    The materials I use are wood, concrete, and rubber.

    I don’t have to put many layers of material.

    I also like to use very thin plastic.

    The material is very lightweight.

    When you have this huge tree, it really can’t support itself on its own.

    The only thing it can do is bend.

    The branches are so thin, so the trunk needs to be flexible to bend. This is


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