A little-used section of a highway near downtown Denver can be a valuable source of inspiration for your next outfit.

    A new study finds that people in Colorado who regularly drive through the region are happier and healthier than those who drive mostly in a straight line.

    “People who live in a region with a lot of open space and lots of recreation opportunities tend to be happier and more productive,” said Dr. William Sessoms, a senior associate at the Colorado Center for Human Development and the study’s lead author.

    The study, conducted by a team of researchers at the University of Colorado at Boulder, was published in the journal Transportation Research Part D. For the study, researchers looked at data from more than 1,000 people, ages 20 to 65, in Denver over the past five years.

    They also asked people what their favorite places to drive were.

    Drivers who drove in a similar direction as the researchers’ survey also rated themselves highly on a measure of happiness, as measured by the Gallup Organization.

    People who regularly drove through the state also tended to have higher levels of positive emotions than those in a random area, the study found.

    But for the people who were more likely to drive in a way that wasn’t necessarily consistent with their personality or their personality traits, the data suggested their happiness levels were not correlated with their driving habits.

    “We know from studies that we are happier when we have a wide variety of opportunities, and we also know that people are happier than when they’re confined to a certain area,” Sessom said.

    While people tend to like a place where they can play or relax, Sessos said, “there’s a limit to how much they can enjoy the same place all the time.”

    If you are a frequent driver, a more traditional way to enjoy a place is to walk around or take a leisurely stroll.

    Another option is to use public transportation.

    Sessomes said the research indicates that a large portion of people who drive in the city do so as part of their daily commute.

    This may be especially true in areas where it’s more expensive to use transit, and people tend not to enjoy it as much, he said.

    But if you’re just getting started with driving, there are a few other ways to help you get back to your happy place.

    First, keep your vehicle up to date.

    The more frequently you drive, the more likely you are to encounter crashes and accidents.

    So, make sure you check your vehicle’s air bag system regularly and have a backup battery for your car.

    Second, keep a journal of your driving habits to track your progress.

    The study found that the more frequently drivers drove, the less they had difficulty focusing on tasks or staying focused on the road.

    Finally, consider using a safety belt.

    The University of Arizona found that people who regularly used a safety belts while driving were more satisfied with their experience on the roads.


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