That’s the amount the government wants to pay to the U.S. to clear the way for the first-ever $20 million tree planting project in America.

    The federal government wants $20.5 million to be paid to a Tennessee company, Jackson Tree Trunks, and the rest of the money will be distributed to state and local governments to help them build and maintain their own tree plantations.

    It’s a small price to pay, but a small, tiny price to give back to the country.

    It would be an easy project to do.

    The government has already spent billions of dollars on this project.

    It’s estimated the federal government spent about $8 million on it alone.

    And it’s not the only project being worked on.

    It all started when Jackson Tree was approached by the U to help with planting trees in the Southeast.

    The company was not sure how to help, so they came up with the idea of planting a $40 million tree.

    But the plan never came to fruition.

    So Jackson Tree decided to do something a little different.

    So they started a website to get the word out.

    It went live, and by September, it had about 400,000 visitors a day.

    Then they figured out that the site was easy to set up, and that it was a lot of fun.

    “We were just thrilled that people were interested in this, that it made them want to look at the country in a different way,” said Jackson Tree President Tim Gries.

    And so, Jackson Tower Trunks came into existence, and it’s been doing its part to promote trees in America ever since.

    So, what are the best places to grow a $10,000 dollar tree?

    The answer is simple: anywhere, anywhere.

    It can be planted anywhere in the U., but the government prefers to get it in the Northeast, West and Southwest.

    So it wants to get its planting done in the South, but only if it can get a big, big tree planted there first.

    “I think there’s really two ways to do it,” Gries said.

    “You can plant it anywhere and then you can also plant it in a place where you have good soil conditions, which is what Jackson Tower is doing.”

    Jackson Tower Trunk has about 800 employees.

    There are a few different locations it can go to.

    The largest is in Tennessee, and they’ve planted the most trees there.

    It also has branches in Florida, South Carolina and Georgia.

    The second largest is the largest, in Georgia, but it’s getting out of hand because the soil is bad, and then there are trees that have trees that aren’t as tall.

    So you can’t just go to the Northeast.

    There’s a reason for that.

    “It’s the way of the world,” said Gries, who has worked at Jackson Tower for almost 25 years.

    “But it’s also the way we’re going to get this done.”

    Jackson Tree is not the first company to get into the planting business.

    In fact, there’s already a number of companies planting trees, and some of them are even bigger.

    Jackson Tree says it has about 700 employees working on this tree planting program.

    They’re not doing it alone, of course.

    There have been numerous public and private efforts.

    Jackson Tower’s staff is assisted by the Jackson Tower Foundation, the Tennessee Wildlife Trust, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the U of T Extension.

    Jackson Tower’s plan is to plant at least 500 trees each year.

    The trees will be planted in locations that have good drainage and have good trees, Gries says.

    And, they will be cut down as quickly as possible, because they can be too tall.

    The first tree will be installed at Jackson Towers campus in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

    The plan is for the tree to be planted by the end of June.

    Jackson Tree is going to give some trees away at the same time, and give others to other local governments.

    The project is not only a local effort, but also a global effort.

    In Africa, where the U has a $30 million project, Jackson Towers has planted trees there as well.

    The U.N. is also working on a tree planting plan in Ethiopia.

    And the plan is being supported by the European Union and the United Nations Development Program.

    But what makes Jackson Tower the big winner?

    Gries is happy about that.

    The U. is really looking forward to having a big tree in the future.


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