The NFL has unveiled the official trunk organizer for all of its gear, and it’s going to help you find the one you want for every occasion.

    The company announced the trunk organizer on Wednesday, promising that the device will be able to help athletes stay organized and save money on their gear.

    The trunk organizer is a three-dimensional piece of fabric that fits inside a standard football player’s shoe, and you can purchase the device with a USB cable.

    When plugged into the device, the device allows the user to pull out a portion of the fabric and rearrange it in a fashion that matches their size and preferences.

    For example, a smaller player might want to wear a shorter strap or a longer strap for a lighter or more athletic look.

    It also includes a pocket for a smartphone or tablet, so you can easily grab a new phone, tablet or laptop with the help of a phone.

    The device is designed for athletes, but the company also says it can be used by anybody who is wearing sports gear, from college students to professional athletes.

    For the first time, the NFL is rolling out an official trunk organizers to its fans, who can get a pair for free through the NFL Store on Sept. 16.

    It’ll cost $14.99 and be available for purchase through Oct. 5.

    You can check out the new product page on the NFL’s website.

    The device was designed to be simple and easy to use, and the company has made it easy to configure.

    It uses a three dimension printer to create a design, and then a 3D-printed metal mesh is attached to the inside of the trunk to provide support.

    The mesh provides a solid structure for the trunk, while it also helps prevent damage if you are lifting or moving items while using it.

    Once the mesh is secured, the product can be placed on a belt, backpack or other standard sports gear.

    There is also a pocket that is used to store a smartphone.

    The product is expected to be available in mid-October for $14, but it’s still a little pricey compared to other sports accessories, such as a Nike FuelBand, which is $70.

    According to, the trunk organizers are compatible with all NFL players, but they are limited to men and women who wear the NFL jersey.

    The new product is also compatible with players who are wearing other players’ jerseys.

    The company said that the trunk will be available to pre-order beginning this fall for $24.99, which includes a three month trial.

    If you’re interested in the new NFL accessories, you can order yours at and pre-purchase the device through Oct 5.


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