I have a few tips for you in regards to drawing the Trumps and Mai cosplays!

    I know this may be a bit of a long post, but I wanted to share my knowledge with you!

    So here it is!

    First, remember that you need to use a straight line to draw them.

    If you draw them upside down you will get a problem with your drawing because it’s not straight.

    It’s more of a line drawn through.

    Second, make sure that your lines are straight.

    Third, if you have a pencil, draw it through the top of the drawing, and the bottom.

    If not, use the side of your pencil to draw through it.

    This will help you avoid drawing lines through the object and into the paper.

    Fourth, when you have drawn a line through your drawing, keep it in a straight vertical line and draw the same line from top to bottom.

    I will be drawing the Mai in the bottom right corner of my drawing, with the Truss in the top right corner.

    You will notice that my drawing has a lot of lines.

    This is because I have used the same lines in both the Mai and Truss drawings.

    You should have the same straight lines and not worry about them.

    If you are not using a straight lines, draw a triangle to give it some depth.

    You can also use a circle to give the object a certain shape.

    Finally, draw the two lines to make them stand out a bit more.

    Now that you know how to draw, let’s begin!

    Step 1:Step 2:Step 3:Step 4:Step 5:Step 6:Step 7:Step 8:Step 9:Step 10:Step 11:Step 12:Step 13:Step 14:Step 15:Step 16:Step 17:Step 18:Step 19:Step 20:Step 21:Step 22:Step 23:Step 24:Step 25:Step 26:Step 27:Step 28:Step 29:Step 30:Step 31:Step 32:Step 33:Step 34:Step 35:Step 36:Step 37:Step 38:Step 39:Step 40:Step 41:Step 42:Step 43:Step 44:Step 45:Step 46:Step 47:Step 48:Step 49:Step 50:Step 51:Step 52:Step 53:Step 54:Step 55:Step 56:Step 57:Step 58:Step 59:Step 60:Step 61:Step 62:Step 63:Step 64:Step 65:Step 66:Step 67:Step 68:Step 69:Step 70:Step 71:Step 72:Step 73:Step 74:Step 75:Step 76:Step 77:Step 78:Step 79:Step 80:Step 81:Step 82:Step 83:Step 84:Step 85:Step 86:Step 87:Step 88:Step 89:Step 90:Step 91:Step 92:Step 93:Step 94:Step 95:Step 96:Step 97:Step 98:Step 99:Step 100:Step 101:Step 102:Step 103:Step 104:Step 105:Step 106:Step 107:Step 108:Step 109:Step 110:Step 111:Step 112:Step 113:Step 114:Step 115:Step 116:Step 117:Step 118:Step 119:Step 120:Step 121:Step 122:Step 123:Step 124:Step 125:Step 126:Step 127:Step 128:Step 129:Step 130:Step 131:Step 132:Step 133:Step 134:Step 135:Step 136:Step 137:Step 138:Step 139:Step 140:Step 141:Step 142:Step 143:Step 144:Step 145:Step 146:Step 147:Step 148:Step 149:Step 150:Step 151:Step 152:Step 153:Step 154:Step 155:Step 156:Step 157:Step 158:Step 159:Step 160:Step 161:Step 162:Step 163:Step 164:Step 165:Step 166:Step 167:Step 168:Step 169:Step 170:Step 171:Step 172:Step 173:Step 174:Step 175:Step 176:Step 177:Step 178:Step 179:Step 180:Step 181:Step 182:Step 183:Step 184:Step 185:Step 186:Step 187:Step 188:Step 189:Step 190:Step 191:Step 192:Step 193:Step 194:Step 195:Step 196:Step 197:Step 198:Step 199:Step 200:Step 201:Step 202:Step 203:Step 204:Step 205:Step 206:Step 207:Step 208:Step 209:Step 210:Step 211:Step 212:Step 213:Step 214:Step 215:Step 216:Step 217:Step 218:Step 219:Step 220:Step 221:Step 222:Step 223:Step 224:Step 225:Step 226:Step 227:Step 228:


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