You have to do something weird to do it right.

    That’s why you need a bucket, a shovel, a chain and a shovel. 

    There are a lot of things that are difficult to build and make, so this isn’t a tutorial for the DIY kind of build.

    I’ve made trunks in my garage, a small, wood frame in my basement, a massive wooden plank in my attic and a giant wooden deck in my yard, all in the span of a couple weeks.

    I made the trunks for my dad.

    I did a few hundred trunks last year, which I’ll be sharing more about in the coming weeks.

    These trunks are designed to swim in the rain.

    They are not waterproof.

    They do not support their weight.

    They will not support the weight of a truck.

    The only thing they can really support is a bucket.

    That is about all I can say.

    It’s also not really a trunks tutorial.

    What you need: Wood, nails, screws and a lot more wood.

    I made my trunks out of two 3/4-inch by 1-inch blocks of pine.

    You can get 1/2-inch thick and 1/4 inch thick pine if you need them.

    I also cut my trunk into three pieces: a long one that I used for the deck, a short one that was used for my boat and a tall one that is about the height of my house.

    The long piece is made of three 2-by-6-inch boards that are each about an inch thick.

    They have been glued together with two 1-by 1-1-inch screws and then glued back together with one of those screws.

    The long boards are then screwed together with four 1- by 1, 3/8-inch nails.

    I used some nails from a car.

    This is the deck.

    It has three long boards on it.

    One long board, one short board and one tall board.

    And here is my boat.

    I am using a boat that is made out of a bunch of 1- and 2-inch-thick boards glued together.

    It is a boat with a boat deck.

    You’ll notice I have the boat sitting on my porch, in front of my porch light.

    This is where my boat sleeps.

    My trunks sit on top of the deck on the porch light, and they have a little wooden plank at the end to support them.

    The trunks have a small hole in the center of each one.

    The bottom board has two 1/8 holes.

    Here is a close-up of my trudged boat deck: There is a little gap between the two boards, about a 1/16 inch.

    I don’t think it’s that big, but I’ll try to explain it better.

    The plank is about an 1- inch by 1/64 inch in diameter, and it has two 3-inch holes.

    I had to drill a hole in it for the screws.

    You can also use wood dowels, screws, nails and a bit of wood glue.

    I also had some leftover wood that I had made out in my backyard.

    I cut it up and made some dowels out of it.

    I sanded down the edges of the wood and sanded them into the holes to make them smooth.

    I got some of my wood glue in a plastic bag and poured it all over the dowels.

    I then used some sandpaper to apply it on the dowel boards and put them back together.

    After sanding them all, I used my drill bit to drill two 1.5-inch x 1-inchers in each hole.

    I glued the doweled boards back together and put the boat back together, and voila!

    I had a boat ready for the day.

    When I was finished, I placed my trub in my bucket and the boat in my truck.

    I drove it home and took a photo.

    Then I used the bucket to fill up my sink with water and set the boat on the dock.

    As the trub was being filled, I started to fill the buckets with water to see how long the trubs would last.

    When I was done, I filled the buckets up to the top of my feet and left the trubes in there.

    I turned them around and put a shovel in the bucket and shoveled some water into the buckets.

    Then I used a shovel to fill them up again.

    That’s how the boat stays afloat.

    Finally, I got home and started the boat.

     I had no idea how long my trubs were going to last, but they are a very sturdy thing.

    I’m still a little unsure of how long it will be before they start to fail.

    But they are definitely worth it.


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