Calpak Luggage Review

The interior of the Calpak Silverlake suitcase is fully lined. Not to mention the large zippered mesh pocket that is suitable for storing small items such as electronics and accessories. One Calpak Luggage review shows that the small zippered accessories pockets on the interior lining are convenient storage sections that improve organization when packing for both short and long vacation trips. The large room for storage in the interior can hold a host of items. These items range from sportswear, casual wear, and office wears to toiletries, PC, shoes and several personal effects. One cannot do without these items while they are away from home. There are those travelers who love to shop while on a trip. The Calpak Silverlake takes away their worries of having to look for an extra carry-on. The product features an expansion room of up to 2” to allow you to store extra luggage as per our calpak luggage review.

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Calpak Luggage Review

Calpak is a brand of carry-on suitcases with most of the desirable features shoppers look for in a travel bag. The ‘Silverlake’ model is a 20-inch version of the Calpak flagships. This Calpak luggage review highlights the key features that distinguish the Calpak carry-ons from the rest. It emphasizes the main things that you look for in a travel bag. These include durability, convenience, style, and most importantly cost. It is every consumer’s desire to get the most satisfactory services from the product they set out to buy. Travel bags are certainly not an exception. As a matter of fact, die-hard travel enthusiasts want to get a durable suitcase. One that will serve their travel needs trip after trip without showing signs of wear and tear. Most of the Calpak reviews you’ll find, recommend the Silverlake 20-inch carry-on. Without further ado, read on for our full Calpak suitcase review below.

Calpak Suitcase Review on Silverlake’s Description

Most advertisements exaggerate the description of a product through flashy pictures and bright colors. However, when it comes to the Calpak Silverlake model, you actually get exactly what you see. The pictures are almost identical to the actual product even with the brightly colored models like the pink one. What is more, this product has a fold-resistant outer case which makes it even more durable. This means that the Calpak ‘Silverlake’ suitcase will serve your travel needs for several trips before wearing and tearing. According to most Calpak luggage owners, the strong material does not only enhance the durability of the Calpak Silverlake, it also makes it much more convenient to use in public transportation.

The Good Stuff

The California Pak Silverlake Carry-On Luggage: a dual-tie belt, ABS construction, expandable, built-in side combination lock, self-locking retractable handle system, and . It's the luggage set that has everything you need, in six different colors.

  • This The California Pak Silverlake Luggage comes in six different colors giving the shoppers a variety to choose from. The color varieties include black, blue, pink, purple, silver and wine. With the bright colors and the tough finish, you can easily cover the Calpak Silverlake in stylish stickers.
  • It also goes without saying that the brightly colored finish makes it easy for the owner to identify their suitcase from a luggage checking crowd of suitcases.
  • According to one Calpak suitcase review, the Calpak Silverlake carry-on comes in such adorable colors. Therefore, one does not have to worry about losing it in a sea of suitcases.
  • Additionally, users of the Calpak Silverlake suitcase can boast of uniqueness and class. This is because only few people are in possession of this product. For travelers who prefer novelty and originality, the Calpak Silverlake 20” expandable suitcase is the best choice of a carry-on, like our Calpak reviews suggest.
  • One Calpak suitcase review actually asserts that the Silverlake 20” model is “a product whose pictures don’t do the justice” to this product.
  • The non-glossy solid finish gives you the guarantee of a durable and modern suitcase that conveniently fits into most people’s budgets.
  • Although the Calpak Silverlake carry-on is light, it is nothing near cheap in terms of quality.
  • The lightweight feature gives the traveler the opportunity to take full advantage of the luggage weight limits for carry-ons.
  • With this product, you do not have to worry about having your luggage shoved into the sizer at the airport. What is more, the Calpak Silverlake carry-on allows you to have as many personal effects as possible on board without having to worry about wear and tear due to the extra 2” room for expansion.
  • One of the features of this carry-on suitcase is its large main compartment fitted with a dual-tie belt. It is unbelievable how much luggage this suitcase can comfortably accommodate.
  • The dimensions of the Calpak Silverlake carry-on are 20”x13”x9”, which includes both the wheels and handle. This means that the Calpak Silverlake carry-on is compact enough to guarantee convenience when traveling in public transportation. This is because one does not have to store it in the luggage compartment while in transit.
  • Another great feature is that it has a combination lock on the side and a self-locking retractable handle system. An added benefit to enhance the security of your luggage.

Additional Features Include:

  • Fully articulated 4-wheel spinner system
  • Carry-on friendly
  • Expandable
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Peace of Mind

The Calpak Silverlake carry-on has four spinner wheels that rotate 360 degrees. This makes it easy to maneuver around especially when moving between train stations, airports or bus stations. The rotation angles of the four wheels and the ease of rolling the carry-on both add on to the convenience of having the Calpak Silverlake as your travel companion. Furthermore, it goes without saying that the authentic color of this product gives the owner a stylish look. This is what most travelers look for in a carry-on suitcase. The security features (combination lock and self-locking retractable handle system) give the traveler the peace of mind. This enhances the much-needed convenience of vacation traveling as per our calpak luggage reviews.

What More Can We Say In This Calpak Luggage Review?

The Calpak Silverlake is one of the best carry-on suitcases today that go for less than $150. It is almost impossible to imagine that you could actually use it for more than three trips before noticing any form of wear and tear. The fact that the Calpak Silverlake features a hard finish design that makes it both durable and convenient for long and short trips. One of our Calpak reviews shows that this product features a zip up compartment on both sides that one cannot see through. This makes it suitable for storage of readily accessible must-haves.

The affordability aspect of the Calpak Silverlake carry-on suitcase is one of its main selling points. Unlike most of the other carry-on suitcases, the Calpak Silverlake features a non-glossy finish. As such, it is unique in the line of carry-on luggage bags. According to one of the several Calpak luggage reviews, the price flexibility of the Silverlake model is “almost unbelievable.” More so because of its durability and most importantly the modern design that gives it a sturdy look. Despite the light feel of the Calpak Silverlake, this product is actually structured to withstand the weight of heavy luggage. When packed to full capacity, this suitcase can hold up to 20 medium-sized books as per our calpak reviews.

As per our Calpak luggage Reviews, there is only one downside to the Calpak Silverlake. The inner lining begins to show signs of wear and tear after three trips. However, this observation, according to one Calpak suitcase review, is dependent on the nature of luggage parked in the suitcase. A carry-on bag is meant for light valuables, and its use should consist of just that. Failure to observe the instructions would definitely interfere with this product’s ability to hold up to normal wear and tear.

Wrapping Up Our Calpak Luggage Reviews

As per our Calpak luggage Reviews The Calpak ‘Silverlake’ 20” carry-on suitcase lives up to its promise. Not only is it within budget but also, this suitcase actually is durable as it claims to be. More durable than other under-200-dollar carry-ons I must confess. Nevertheless, you should not overstretch its capabilities by stacking it with luggage that is not meant for a carry-on because that way, you will be unnecessarily speeding up the Calpak Silverlake’s process of wear and tear. I hope, after reading these Calpak luggage Reviews, you will better decide to buy the product.