A designer swim trunk crosses the line when it goes for a selfie, and the trend for a “tree trunk” is on the rise.

    But what does a designer swim trunk actually look like?

    The answer to that question is, “a lot,” says Julie Mottram, a senior fashion editor at the Fox News Channel and founder of the online fashion website T.M.M., who has worked on dozens of designer swimtrunks for her clients.

    “A lot of it is the color and the design, and I think a lot of them are a little bit different,” Mottrams says.

    But there are a few trends that we do see coming to fruition in the swim trunnings.

    Mottams says that while most designer swimtubs have been designed to be as practical as possible, there are still a few pieces that are specifically designed for a special occasion.

    The first trend she notes is a “designer tank.”

    In this case, it’s the kind that will go into a designer’s wardrobe or a wardrobe to help them stay cool in the heat.

    “There’s a trend right now for women who are getting older to be outfitted with a little more of a designer tank,” she says.

    Motti Trunk Collection A second trend is a designer water-filled tank.

    In this style, the swimtub is filled with a waterproof material that is meant to keep water out of the swim tub.

    The design, Mottras says, is often done by the designer herself or someone else who has the design expertise.

    This style is a good fit for a family or friend’s swim trimmings.

    But it’s also a little different than most designers swim trims.

    “It’s kind of a modern-day, ‘cool to be alive’ thing,” Motti says.

    “This is not something you wear on your own, and it’s not something that’s worn to a pool or something to get dressed up.”

    Mottrauses say that designers swimtrims also tend to be a little pricier.

    “Most of them go for $3,000 or more,” Motta says.

    In some cases, Motta and her team will even throw in a water bottle for a few extra bucks.

    “You really want to make sure that it’s a quality swimtube that you’re going to be comfortable with,” she explains.

    But a few of the designer swim tubs on the market are priced lower than the other options.

    The $4,000 “Bubba’s Swim Tank” is a simple design with the “Glamor Girl” logo in white.

    It has a removable bottom, and a waterproof base that covers the bottom of the tank, so it can be used with a pool swimsuit.

    Motta recommends purchasing a $3 swimtuba with a removable top, but she says she has had clients ask for a swimtuber without the top.

    For some models, it also has a top that attaches to the top of the trunk.

    The “Bunnie Swim” is another design with a simple but attractive design.

    “We had a couple clients who had this very simple design and wanted to get it out into the world,” Motto says.

    While Motta does have to get creative with some designs, she says the basic design is good enough.

    “I think that it should work, but it has to be simple,” she adds.

    Motto also says that when she works with designers, she is able to show them the designs and get a sense of what it is they want to achieve.

    “So you’ve got that feeling that they’re making a statement about what they’re doing,” she said.

    MOTTRAUS’ OWN SWIM TRUNKS The Mottranters have been designing and producing swimtubes for years.

    Matta’s first swimtub was a custom design that she made for her husband.

    “The first one was a very simple swimtub,” she remembers.

    “He loved it, and he loved me,” she recalls.

    “Then he asked me, ‘What do you want to do with it?'”

    The Motta family has made swimtuds for celebrities like Madonna, and they have created swimtubbies for athletes like Michael Phelps.

    In the past, Motti’s swimtud collection has included the famous, water-tight, waterproof swimtomb for model and actress Nicole Kidman.

    But the latest designs are designed specifically for the Motta household.

    “Every single one is different,” she tells Fox News.

    “But all of them have the same look, they have the exact same color, and that’s the point.”

    Some designers have a more traditional design, which is a swimtub with a base.

    Mota says this style is also becoming popular, especially among younger people.

    “Now we’re seeing a lot more younger people who are looking for a more practical, classic look,”


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