Teenager Sarah Eichner is a little more than a toddler, but she’s making a big impact on the world.

    Her toddler toddlers swim trays.

    She recently told ABC News she is excited to see the trend spread to the larger-than-life trunk tables she’s been creating.

    “I want to do something with my kids, I want them to be safe and I want to have fun, and so I think it’s kind of a good thing to have a trunk, and it can be really cool,” she said.

    A lot of the trunks we’ve seen in the past few years have been wooden, but Eichners mother, Sarah, decided to try a wood plank to keep the toddler safe.

    “We decided to build a wood trunk,” she explained.

    “It’s a wood platform.

    It’s a wooden plank and it’s a trunk.”

    The toddler’s mother said the trunk can hold an adult’s hand or toddler, as well as an infant or toddler.

    “If they have a toddler who’s got a baby on them and you’re worried about them, you can hold them up and you can just grab the baby,” she told ABC affiliate KXTV.

    She said the trunk can hold a baby and toddlers as well.

    Eichner said the family’s toddler is not a child, but a toddler.

    She said it’s her job to keep him safe and she’s excited to try it.

    “It’s really a good idea because you can’t hold a toddler if they get hurt, and I know the kids love to play,” she added.

    Teddy bears and other trunks have been a hit for years, but the idea of a child-safe trunk was something Eichers mom wasn’t sure about.

    “Teddy bear is a really big term,” she joked.

    “But you know, they have different meanings for different people.”

    A wooden plank can be used for different types of things, including baby strollers, toddler toys and furniture.

    Eich’s mother has also been enjoying creating her own designs.

    “You can just put some random thing on there and call it whatever you want, but it will always be the same design,” she noted.

    The family is now looking to find more wooden trunks to build for the family, and will even try to create their own to sell.

    “Because they’re just kids, they don’t know how to be a tree, and they don


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