If you're interested in investing in some new carry on luggage and you want to find high-quality luggage of this type, you'll benefit from this clear and factual buying guide. Today, we're going to let you know what you should think about before you make a final decision.

The right piece of carry on luggage will make travelling easier. It will be easy to move around, it will be roomy enough for all of your essentials and it will be built with care from fine materials. It will also have the perfect features, such as proper dimensions for carry on compartments on planes, weight which is optimal and superb wheels which make it simple to get the carry on bag from Point A to Point B.

Now, let's talk about the smartest way to shop for this type of luggage.


When shopping for carry on luggage, measuring before you buy is key. The dimensions that you should be looking for are 22 by 9 by 14 inches. If luggage is bigger than this, most airlines won't permit you to take it onboard as carry on luggage. These dimensions are for airlines the USA. If you're in another country, check rules for the airlines that you tend to fly with and then shop accordingly.

Most product descriptions for carry on baggage do include dimensions, so it should be pretty easy to establish whether or not a carry on bag is the right size. It's possible that some airlines will allow large carry on bags to be brought onboard. However, you shouldn't bank on it. It's better to choose a size of carry on bag which is within the size guidelines for a majority of airlines.


Carry on luggage needs to have the right dimensions. It also has to weigh in at the maximum allowable weight or below it. There is an international limit for the weight of carry on luggage. It's forty pounds. This includes the bag's weight as well as the weight of the possessions inside.

When looking for carry on luggage online, we think it's smart to look at how much bags weigh and then consider how much weight you're going to add with your possessions. The bag's weight shouldn't be so heavy that there isn't much weight left for your belongings.


You should be looking for carry on luggage of the right size and weight, which also has wheels that are strong and smooth. If you find luggage online that you're most interested in, we recommend visiting a local retailer which carries a similar luggage and taking it for wheel test drive".  Especially if you are spending hundreds of dollars.

Grab the handle.  Does it fit snugly in your hand?  The handle should feel sturdy without being flimsy.  Now take that bag on the cat-walk and strut.  Does the bag follow easily without needing to use your wrist to keep it from flipping on its side?    

Now that you know the three main things to consider before investing in new carry on luggage, you'll be ready to comparison-shop like the experts do!

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